Who we are

Established in 2021, AfinCap Partners is a pioneering advisory and digital financial services provider specialising in impact investing, financing and supporting small and growing businesses in the agricultural supply chain across Africa

What we do

We enable committed entrepreneurs and local business people who have viable businesses to access the funding and support they require to succeed and drive economic and social empowerment in their societies

How we do it

AfinCap increases the ability of a business to succeed in a sustainable way by addressing several key causes of failure including access to finance and business support during the partnership lifecycle.


Develop local capacity to create a sustainable  impact delivery model

Create pipeline and support that provide capital and business support to grow successful businesses

Invest and finance into viable Agri-SMEs skilled and knowledgeable

Positive impact jobs and support social and economic value

AfinCap’s unique model enables us to successfully partner with, and provide secured short-term risk capital through Structured Financing to support entrepreneurs and businesses in the Agri-SME sector.


Our model represents a unique approach to providing small and growing businesses with access to markets, capital, skills, and capacity building and is appropriate for the emerging markets in sub Saharan Africa.


We aim to tackle the problem where many entrepreneurs and business owners find themselves in the ‘missing middle’ that are considered too large for micro-finance, too small for traditional private equity and too risky for traditional security-based lenders.


AfinCap believes Agri-SMEs need more than money to succeed. Our business support function addresses critical management skills in areas such as business planning, operations, sales and marketing, HR planning and Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG).


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